Double head automatic filling machine
Double head full-automatic chili sauce filling machine


Double head automatic filling machine chili sauce (fermented black bean sauce filling machine) is a new type of filling equipment spark company specializing in spicy sauce, sauce of the fermented black bean filling, in use is divided into automatic and semi automatic machine fragrant sauce fragrant sauce packing machine two, the semi automatic models need to manually put bottles, you can choose AUTO filling and FOOT filling, and then combined with the desktop Capping Machine Capping, semi automatic labeling machine for labeling, automatic double chilli sauce filling machine is generally used in combination with automatic capping machine, paste labeling machine and other equipment, thus forming a set of fermented black bean sauce filling line.
Item Parameter
Power supply 220/110V 50/60Hz
size L 2350mm* W 950mm * H 800mm
Filling speed 15-35 Bottles/min
Filling accuracy ≤±1%
Filling range 50-500ml
Net weight 160kg
Applicable products
     This machine is suitable for filling granule sauce, chili sauce filling machine is fully automatic and fermented black bean sauce filling machine filling machine general equipment, currently belongs to more advanced products in China, has been resolved before his chili sauce needs a lot of manpower to complete the factory filling problem, and high filling precision products. The contact parts of the machine and the materials used in all 316L advanced stainless steel, power Taiwan Yadeke cylinder drive, the machine clean and generous, strong power, so many customers to successfully solve the ISO2000 and QS certification.

Equipment features:

1、 the material is made of 316L stainless steel.
2、 pneumatic components are used in Germany, FESTO and Taiwan AirTac pneumatic components, PLC control, touch-screen settings.
3、Seals are made of silicone rubber (wear resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance).
4、the filling head preventing leakage and wire drawing, ensure that the bottle positioning and no pollution.
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