Single row bag automatic packaging equipment
Full automatic packaging machine for chafing dish

For single bag packing machine adopts stainless steel material production, clean sanitation, clean and convenient, and material contact parts are made of high quality 316L stainless steel production, in line with the hygiene standards of food processing machinery, to ensure food hygiene and safety, PLC controller, large screen display, simple operation and easy to learn, through the measurement of different, can be applied to liquid and paste, granule, powder, irregular product packaging, made from multilayer composite membrane, monolayer PE, PP materials such as prefabricated bags, paper bags can be used.

Model: XH-15D
Packing speed: 8-15 bags /min
Rated pressure: 4-6kg
Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
Power: 800W
Weight: 180Kg

Product overview

Suitable for packaging bags: bags have independent bags (with zippers and no zippers), flat bags (three sides, four sides, handbags, zipper bags), paper bags and other composite bags.

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