X30K Full automatic vacuum capping machine
X30K Full automatic vacuum capping machine

Vacuum glass bottle capping machine is mainly used for a variety of cap screwing and unscrewing the cap for vacuum pumping equipment, cosmetics, medicine, veterinary medicine, pesticide, lubricating oil industry. (chili sauce bottles, cans, high-end health products), the glass bottle capping machine with electric and pneumatic driving program control operation of main equipment, and the traditional mechanical transmission equipment is quite different from the original main machine adopts cylinder as the power, the original action by programming the controller coordinated action, action parts the application of a large number of sensors, and equipment on the bottle lid. In addition, through PLC (programmable logic controller) programming to achieve automatic access, automatic cover, vacuum, clamping bottle body, screw cap and other actions; pneumatic device, flexible operation, pollution-free, convenient maintenance.

Power source: single phase AC 220V
Compressed air: 0.11 cubic meters per minute, 0.7 MPa (7 kg per square centimeter)
Vacuum pump: recommended model 2X-8A or XD040, ~10 pumping 8 liters per second, the ultimate vacuum of -96KPa.
Applicable cover type: according to QB/T 1499-2000 standard cover type range,
Cap outer diameter range: 33.5~85 mm
Cover thickness: 8.6-16 mm.
Suitable for bottle range: round bottle body diameter 40~85mm,
Bottle height: 60~168 mm
Height of tank feeding machine: the minimum height of feeding tank is 830 millimeters.
Machine dimensions: 850x1000x1165 mm

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