Fish slip filling machine spark patented products, using stainless steel, easy to clean, health and safety, the machine design is reasonable, slippery shrimp filling machine of good material, and material contact part adopts 304 stainless steel production, in line with the GMP certification requirements. With anti-corrosion, can better adapt to damp and other harsh environment. For viscous material is particularly suitable for soybean paste, fish, shrimp, cuttlefish slide slide slide, slide and other products containing particles of beef, imported cylinder, electrical components, more stable quality, foot switch flexible configuration and automatic filling function, emergency stop switch

pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Filling Speed 10-20bottles/min
Filling Accuracy ≦±1.0﹪
Optional Model 50-500ml、100-1000ml、250-2500ml、50-5000ml
Applicable products
     According to the food industry sauce packaging design and production, especially suitable for dressing of particles and the concentration of pepper sauce, bean sauce, peanut sauce, sesame, shrimp, fish, slide slip jam, butter Hot pot bottom material, Chili oil Hot pot bottom material and other material thick sauce filling.



Spark machinery factory area
Spark machinery factory area
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Hot pot food exhibition
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