Glass bottle capping machine | Vacuum capping machine for glass bottle
Glass bottle capping machine

XH-30D automatic vacuum capping machine is a special automatic vacuum glass bottle bottle when the bottle cover tin equipment, the sauce bottle glass vacuum capping machine includes: import transport, tank, tank into the vacuum chamber, with cover, capping the first main parts, equipment adopts 304 stainless steel, beautiful appearance, structure well, PLC electronic optical fiber sensing control, automatic import tank, automatic distribution cover, vacuum clamping bottle, capping action, used in sauce bottles, cans and high-grade health food industry, pneumatic and electrical control to replace the mechanical transmission device benefits are: the equipment can be avoided the effect of lubricants on the production environment and products, the most important is that it can supervise and flexible adjustment of the parameters of products must be achieved, such as vacuum, screwing torque etc.. Pneumatic device, flexible and convenient operation, greatly enhance the efficiency of the enterprise.

Model: XH-30D
Capping speed: 20~35 bottles / min
Applicable bottle diameter: 35 ~ 85mm
Bottle height: 60 ~ 160mm
Cover thickness: 8.6 ~ 16mm
Rated pressure: 4-6kg
Voltage: 200V 50/60Hz
Power: 500W
Weight: 400Kg

Product details
Product details
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