Desktop Vacuum Capping Machine|Small vacuum capping machine
Desktop Vacuum Capping Machine|Small vacuum capping machine

X35B3 desktop vacuum capping machine, used in the capping machine and sealing machine open full sealed vacuum chamber technology, is a semi-automatic machine, artificial cover, manual access bottle, manually close the vacuum chamber. The machine adopts pneumatic device to drive the implementation of internal capping, using precise control of actuator pressure to achieve torque control, belonging to the non frictional torque limit and long service life; due to the use of reliable sealing technology, small power vacuum pump configuration can achieve the ideal vacuum, the vacuum degree can be set as required. X35 series models are economical, widely applicable, easy to use, reliable and mobile. They are suitable for small production workshops, special specifications, and laboratory applications. X35B3 is the latest version of the X35 series, which has been improved two times. It is mainly improved from the previous version: 1., the bottle can be adjusted to completely solve the problem of replacement of bottles, it can be quickly completed from two different diameter or cross-section shape and height of different bottles of conversion between, without the replacement of parts; 2., the linear motion component and the integral pneumatic actuating torque component further enhance the quality and operation performance of the cover; 3., the use of high-quality Taiwan PLC (program controller), compared to the previous version of relay logic circuit more reliable; 4. pneumatic vacuum switching valve to make the vacuum response faster; 5., standard with special assembly base, can be used more flexible landing.

Power supply: 220V AC (lighting); Compressed air: pump flow requirements 0.11 cubic meters per minute, 0.7 MPa (7 kg per square centimeter); Vacuum pump configuration: exhaust volume of 8 liters per second above the limit pressure according to different user needs, vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump for high vacuum user recommended configuration limit pressure -0.096Mpa or double stage rotary vane pump or other forms. Recommended vacuum pump model 2X-8A (double stage rotary vane vacuum pump, nozzle connection form). The configuration parameters of the above air source and the vacuum source are all single machine requirements, for reference Applicable cover type range: according to QB/T 1499-2000 standard general cover type range, cover outside the scope of 33.5-85 mm. Cover thickness 8.6-12.65 mm. Applicable bottle range: the size of the bottle mouth shall be in accordance with the standard cover type stipulated in QB/T 1499-2000 standard and the nonstandard cover type in this range. The bottle body can be circular and non circular section, inclusive of the bottle with the maximum diameter should be less than 110 mm, the bottle height of not more than 180 mm Machine dimensions: 350 mm wide, 790 mm high, 460 mm deep

X35B3 Desktop Vacuum Capping Machine Design
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