6 head horizontal mixing sauce filling machine
6 head horizontal mixing sauce filling machine

6 horizontal mixing and filling machine is widely used in the production and packing of granule sauces. It can be operated continuously and automatically. The machine is compact and reasonable in design, simple and beautiful in appearance and convenient to adjust the filling capacity. For particle sauces, horizontal stirring, for oil separation process prone to the phenomenon of large particle sauce filling, the filling production line with six synchronous grease filling head, can evenly be squeezed into the container filling, elegant appearance, stainless steel, easy to clean, use Han Guoguang eye device, LG PLC, South Korea the French electrical components, it can automatic operation of filling, bottle filling, anti drip device configuration. According to customer demand, configuration sauce bottle, vacuum capping, automatic labeling, inkjet and other ancillary equipment.

Model XH-6GT
Filling head 6
Item Parameter
Bottle diameter 35~120mm
Filling Speed 25-50bottles/min
Filling Accuracy ≦±1.5﹪
Optional Model 200--1000ml
Applicable products and samples

Apply to paste and large particles sauce, spicy sauce, spicy sauce, beef sauce, bean sauce, fresh chili sauce, olives and so on.

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